Linux Server

Mac App

Expected release: Late October 2023
Beta 6 brings significant changes to both the App and Server.
We understand that this release has taken considerably longer than initially announced, and we sincerely apologize for the delay.
Beta 6 will not only introduce Linux support but also feature a completely re-engineered server backend, offering major enhancements across various domains including ease of installation, project setup, and the stability of all DevOps features. This overhaul promises a far more reliable experience, resolving all previously reported bugs. Say goodbye to issues during installation and getting started!
Below is a list of new features, improvements and bug fixes that will be part of Beta 6
New Features
  • Linux server support
  • New Project Workspace UI
  • Custom Branches
  • Commits now save actual copies of a file that can later be reverted back to
  • Ability to release any Commit to any Branch
  • Real-time migration logs
  • Multi-user projects
  • Server installation is now a single command-line command and does not require modifying firewall rules or any other setting.
  • Project configuration no longer requires you to setup any folders on any servers nor changing any filenames to follow any naming convention.
  • The stability, security and scalability of all DevOps operations are vastly improved due to the new backend architecture.
  • Devin Engine performance is greatly improved due to many of the components now being delegated to the local Handler Services.
Bug Fixes
  • Solves issues branching files from the master branch.
  • Solves issues downloading server installers. Installers are now automatically downloaded via command-line.
  • Other minor bugs